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Original - Gnome 'Science Minister Mr. Omniscient'

Original - Gnome 'Science Minister Mr. Omniscient'

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Original Watercolour Painting

50 cm x 60 cm

Watercolour on 320g  D'Arches paper

He is a brilliant man in his field of science and known worldwide.

He was very much loved by his students. Not only because he was very handsome looking, he was fun to be with. Especially when his lovely black eyes turned on the Ladies in “Gnome Land” in Mandarfen. I have heard that there was even a scuffle among the women. The worst beaten up was the former secret girlfriend of Prince Googly. When they had their Love affair, nobody was supposed to know about it, but of course everybody knew, and nobody dared to mention it, or even gossip. The old law of Empress Maria Theresia of Austria from 1740 is still in effect even though no Austrian Citizen knows about it anymore. Years ago, the women of Gnomes Land wanted to change the law but as soon as King Cunibert lifted his wooden Sceptre everybody was quiet and scared. Therefore, the old law still exists. If Empress Maria Theresia would know about she probably would laugh in her Tomb.