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#2 Original - Gnom Königin Cunigunde (Gnome Queen Cunigunde)

#2 Original - Gnom Königin Cunigunde (Gnome Queen Cunigunde)

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Original Watercolour Painting

55 x 75 cm

Watercolour on 320g  D'Arches paper

Queen Cunigunde is the most beautiful woman in the whole kingdom. When the king saw her first he could not take his eyes of her. Her enchanting smile took him totally by surprise. It happened at a Snail race. She was standing opposite of him, and while watching the exciting race between the “Runner” which was the great champion of Mandarfen and the challenger “Speedy” of Vomp she bent down to get a closer look at the small animals, and when the Kings and her eyes met, it made “Peng”, and, the Elves of love were flying all over the wood. It was just wonderful. It did not take long and the little Princes Gundi was born.