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#4 Original - Prinz Google der 2 (Prince Googly the 2nd)

#4 Original - Prinz Google der 2 (Prince Googly the 2nd)

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Original Watercolour Painting

50 x 60 cm

Watercolour on 320g  D'Arches paper

Prince Googly from Googly Land.

Is he beautiful enough? This is the question.?

Prince Googly the 1st is known as the most handsome Price of the neighbor Kingdome of King Cunibert’s.

The young Ladies were crazy about him, especially his beautiful eyes with the soft velvety expression, and sweet smile. And when he happens to ride by on his well-groomed skunk dancer. He was so graceful and elegant, that even the elves in Pitztal had talked about it and they are known as experts in this subject.

The young girls sometimes were swooning in front of them. The skunk got such a fright then, that one could smell its perfume across the forest, over the trees into the next county. This was the moment when mothers called all their children together, “come on kids, lets clean up house if we are lucky the Prince might marry one of your sisters.” But, of course this could never happen, because Princes Gundy has caught him already and she has first of choice being a princess. He also was an exceptionally good dancer, especially when he performed his national dance, “The Hopi-Hop”. Sometimes, he was so good that trees sometimes broke their treetops. Humans thought that this was a storm, but they were wrong, it was the “Hopi-Hop”