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Original - Zum Frühstück (For Breakfast)

Original - Zum Frühstück (For Breakfast)

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Original Watercolour Painting

Watercolour on 320g  D'Arches paper

Size 55 cms x 75 cms


Maxi, my little cat, came home one day and was standing outside  the entrance door and screamed Meow Meow, which means “Mama, Mama.” As soon as I opened the door for her she ran in and I saw too late that she had a big fat mouse in her fangs. I screamed MAXI, MAXI ,NO!
Of course, she did not listen, why should she? She never had so before! For shock, she dropped the mouse which disappeared within the next second, and was gone. We looked for her, under every chest, the table, the cabinet. She was nowhere to be found. Since it seemed useless to go on searching for her we just gave up in the hope that we’ll never see her again. 
That evening, everybody had forgotten this incident, we sat down at dinner and finished our meal with fresh fruit when I saw it. There was the little tiny tail of the mouse hanging down between the grapes. Until that moment nobody had noticed it and in my opinion it should stay that way.  People talked and joked with each other, until one person took the tail of the mouse with his two fingers, probably mistaking it for a little bunch of Grapes, and pulled it out. Noticing what it was, he threw it in shock into the air, the body, since it was connected to the tail followed. The mouse squeaked, and people screamed, so what did I do? The logical thing. I put on my coat, and left my house. I had no wish to clean up the mess which would be the result of the mouse hunt with all the people. I just said “Bye Bye” see you tomorrow and closed the door behind me.
The End!!!