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Original - Dancing Hands

Original - Dancing Hands

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Collage on Canvas, made with Silk

80 x 80cm

Framed in a Box frame behind Plexiglas

In the background are two one hundred year old 

Japanese Watercolors. 

 One day my husband Friedl came home from work and asked me if I, and sweet Baby Boy, would like to fly with him to Bali. He had to attend a meeting and we could come with him. Oh, did I ever love this 

idea? I had not been to Bali before, I had only seen it in photographs and films. 

Of course my sweet baby boy was not at all happy, but my anticipation was beyond measure, and it was when we arrived at the “Orchids Hotel“ That I saw them!!! An amazing colourful dancing group of ten to twelve year old little girls, in their silk gowns. They looked like little Elf's. Their arm and hand movements were graceful, and beautiful beyond imagination. 

This tiny little dancer looked at me, with her Butterfly shaped eyes, blinked at my little Baby Boy,  and he stopped crying immediately, and giggled and smiled at her. 

This scene inspired me to create a series of PAINTED collages comprising both of silk and jewellery.

When we were with our sweet little Baby Boy in Bangkok, in Thai writing "กรุงเทพมหานค"