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#6 Original - Gnome 'Rosalie'

#6 Original - Gnome 'Rosalie'

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Original Watercolour Painting

55 x 75 cm

Watercolour on 320g  D'Arches paper

Little Rosalie was loved by everybody. She had inherited her mother's beauty, her father Prince Googly's charm, Grandmas big blue eyes, and Grandpa King Cunibert's sweet little ears. Her Toy, a little stuffed Rabbit would never leave her side. When she was singing, the Rabbit was singing, when she laughed, the Rabbit laughed and when she screamed on the top her voice, the Rabbit screamed as well. People said as long as princess Rosalie had her Rabbit at her side, she was safe. Yes, it was a special Rabbit. It had belonged to somebody in the Stone age who had left it to the first-born Princess of King Cunibert. The Rabbit was King Cunibert's spy. Little
Rosalie knew it and hated it. Every time when she did something wrong, like leaving the Gnome Country Border, the King knew it a Minute later. She loved her Granddaddy very much and did not like it when he was angry and sad because of her. She asked him why she always had to carry this "stupid" Rabbit around with her, and was told about this terrible incident when a tourist had taken her with him, thinking she was a toy which was separated from its child. Since that time, the Rabbit was her watch Dog. And nobody could ever touch her again. The stuffed Rabbit’s ears where little antennas and provided the Secret Service of King Cunibert with important information. The electronic signal jumped from one pine tree to the another, from there to the ice cave’s

Entrance, out again through the Glass fibre optic cable directly into King Cunibert’s Sidewinder Silkworm.

Therefore, nothing can ever happen to little Princess Rosalie, the Kings Jewel.