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Workshop with Bernardo Vogel

A few years ago, I went into the Pitztal to my friend Ingeborg and joined a workshop with Bernardo Vogel. When I was near Innsbruck, the City of Tirol, it began to snow. First just a little, then the snowflakes became larger and larger until the snowfall was so heavy that I nearly went passed the Hotel. As usual I was late, and the other artists were already working away eagerly. I put my luggage into the room and joined the others. Bernardo gave me a glass of Prosecco, which felt good after my long journey. Then I started to paint. When I went into my room in the evening I was surprised because the luggage had been put away in the wardrobe, and I could not remember having done it myself. I dropped into bed and slept without dreaming until next morning.  

The next day was exhausting because I tried to paint at least three pictures since I had not been able to do much the previous day.

At the end of the workshop, I looked at my paintings and decided they were so bad that the only thing I could do was tear them up. Which I did.  I had hardly ever painted such bad pictures in my life. Next day I had no paintings to show. I was sad about it, and went into the workroom to join the others. To my great surprise my paintings were the first ones on the easels. Not only that, they were beautiful, and would you believe it? I won first Prize!!! How they got there and why they were so good, when I knew exactly how terrible they were before, I cannot tell you. Ingeborg murmured something about Gnomes. But I did not understand what she meant. Only later she explained to me, that sometimes if people are really good and are very upset because of something bad that happened to them, the little Gnomes felt so sorry for them that they sneak into the house at night and help. Probably this is what happened to me, what a miracle. 

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