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The Story of the Gnomes

May I introduce King Cunibert from the steep Pitztal Mountain in Austria.

He is a goodhearted person and is loved by his Folk. 

He is married to Queen Cunigunde who is known as a Beauty all over the country. But their daughter princess Gundi, is even more beautiful. Many handsome men have asked the king for her hand in marriage, but she declined everyone, as not being handsome enough.

And then on a wonderful rainy day, which makes the skin nice and greenish it happened. 


He, the most handsome man of all the Kingdoms came along. It was Prince Googly the 2nd. with his puppy dog Crawly the 1st.  on his shoulder. 

Princess Gundi saw him and her heart started to beat like a drum. She fell around his neck and kissed him on his mouth. 

They married soon after they met and had many beautiful and clever children. They all went to school in the local Pitztal Mountain Village. 

Link on this link for all the Gnomes pictures for children : https://erikajust.at/collections/gnomes

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