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Short Story - Singapore

We travelled with our beautiful little baby boy from Houston/Texas to our new assignment in Singapore. All three of us, were extremely tired, when we finally arrived at our destination. Especially me having had to take care of everything before leaving Houston. Poor Baby was not very happy either during the long flight and one could hear his unmelodic protestation from the first to the 364th row of the full Jumbo jet. Angry looks followed me, when I had to go to the planes toilet changing Baby’s diapers. Finally, we arrived in the beautiful white, old, history loaded “Raffels Hotel”. The doors opened into the Lobby with magic hands and we entered a Fairyland of Orchids. Baby stopped screaming, my dear husband said “Oh, du meine Güte” and I just fell into the next Throne like chair.

Orchids were everywhere. Large, small smelling, pink, white, yellow, and I decided right then and there: “Erika, you have to paint them.

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