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Part 2 - I have seen views like thus in films but seldom in real life!

I have seen views like this in Films but seldom in real life. One could guess the Mondsee in the far distance, which was
surmounted by the Schafsberg.

“I do not understand why this mountain is called “Sheep mountain” when it looks instead like a Spaniel.”

She looked at me with a surprised smile when I sked her which Sheep she means. Only after she had pointed it out to me what she mends I could see it and agreed.

“It’s very warm” she said, “let’s go inside and have a nice cool drink. As we approached the big staircase leading up to the house, the door opened and two cats virtually shot out of it




A grey shaggy, long haired Tomcat was chasing the other much smaller one down the steps.

“Zotti!” Erika screamed, “leave Maxi alone.!” But as always, nobody listened to her. We entered the house, and were greeted by another member of the family, a beautiful three colored, named Diana. “Why Diana? I asked, “Oh, when my neighbor rang and asked if I had some space for another poor creature which had been run over by a car and had lost 5 kittens, I had to say yes and picked her up the next day. As soon as I was in my house, I opened the cage, and within a second she was gone.

I called my neighbor again and would you believe it she was sitting in front of her house. I went back over, picked her up once more, put her into the car, drove home, carried her into the house but before I could close the door, she was gone again. I don’t know how she did it. So, what else could I do? Back I went. This time a young man opened the door, saw me, gave me a dirty look, pick up the cat, handed her over to me, and said with a sarcastic grin: “You could sleep here if you want to”. I just thanked him, grabbed my cat and wanted to leave, but she started scratching and I dropped her. OK I thought, if you don’t want to come, its Ok with me, and went home. Ten minutes later, I heard a “Meow Meow” outside, I opened the door, and there she was sitting with a bird in her peak. She had decided to bring me a gift for all the trouble she had caused me. I told her never to do this again and called her Diana, the Goddess of Hunting.“

I looked at her, she was a beautiful three colored cat, looked more like a tiger with her broad stripes than a cat.



Diana      _____________________________________ 

I looked around, it was a cozy place, it was a place I felt instantly at home, even though I thought at first it was a museum, but then I realized that I found myself in Erika’s past. We sat down in the living room on furniture from Bangkok which was hand calved by only one family and all their eight children. When Erika’s husband was transferred to Singapore they had no furniture and since they loved the Asian culture very much this did not present a problem.




At a glass of wine Erika began to tell about her life. Typical for her, she did not see her life in one uninterrupted happening, no, it seemed to be a mess a “Topsiturbi” and it would have been without any rules, had it not been for her husband, and the child. She would have just been dancing through life, with Art being her Mentor. But she said that in her opinion there is a lot written and said about art and a lot of it is pure nonsense.   So, let’s talk about the fun part in my life. Which I agreed to.


At that point, her husband came in with a silly cap on his head, and put one on her head as well as soon as he laid eyes on us. Apparently, Friedl did not know of my visit but did not care. Both started to laugh which was so contagious that I had to join in. After they had allowed me to take some photographs I left but not without having made a new appointment. We fixed a date in a week time then I could see Erika Just again.

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