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Part 1 - How does Erika live?

How does Erika live? I wanted to know that, I wanted to know everything about her.  So, I went to the Attersee, a dream of a lake. The colour of it is nearly indescribable because it changes from Cobalt blue, Delft blue, Turquoise, then suddenly there is an Ultramarine streak where the wind falls in, and then it is Windsor blue, I did not know where to look first. Now I understand why it is also called “The Lake of the thousand colours'

Erika lives on the east side of the lake between Steinbach and Weißenbach, direction Bad Ischl, with a big huge mountain range behind her house. I thought that Erika was joking when she explained to me that her Name is written in big letters onto two Trash cans. Asking why, she answered that nobody finds her because the street is very narrow and having to watch the traffic one cannot look for Address signs. And sure enough, when I arrived there I nearly missed it.


  And after this excitement awaited me the next surprise. In order to reach the house on the hill instead of driving up to it one had to use a small rail road. Two tracks are leading up the short but steep hill between pine trees, shrubs and Fern. Erika was waiting for me at the parking lot. She asked me to sit down at the little wagon and up we went. I expecting to see little Gnomes like the one she had painted. I felt like Snow white being transferred into a fairy land at the Attersee.

 The ride did not take more but a few minutes and I wished it would have gone on for a little longer. We arrived at a platform under a big fat pine tree and underneath was a little children’s cross leaning against the tree trunk with 2 children’s names written on top of a white plaque and her husband’s

 Vine was hanging over the top station of the lift, touching our hair as we walked under the branches out into the open sun. The house appeared kike a faraway dreamy little castle. A big staircase was leading up to the entrance which was halfway hidden with ivy.

 We walked across the short yard passed Rhododendron shrubs and all off a sudden the view opened to the deep blue lake.




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